About Alarm.fo

We have developed an information and communiction app that is going to change the way we communicate in The Faroe Islands. You can see some of the features our app provides below.


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Filter information

Choose which information you want to receive based on areas, events, information providers etc.

Further details

Get even more information by clicking on an event on the map or on a list.


By creating your own profiles, you can control when you receive information, and what information you want during that period. For example, you can create a profile which only provides information in the weekends.

Get an overview of your information

Your information will be available on a sortable list and on a map.

Relevant links

For even further information about an event, you will be able to click on a relevant link, which will bring you to the relevant website.

App Screenshots

A world of possibilities awaits you.

Alarm.fo makes your life simpler.

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App Screenshot

Our notifications differ in severity  from red, yellow to green.  You can also create profiles which decide when you receive your information.

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If you have an iPhone, please fill out our form with your name and email if you want to be notified when our IOS development is complete.

Alarm.fo makes your life easier.


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