Is the app free to use?

The app is free to download, and everyone can recieve messages. If you want to send messages or create groups, then you’ll have to buy one of the different packages we have to offer.

Why do the messages have different colors?

The colors differentiate the severity of the message. A red message will have a bigger impact than a yellow or green message.

How do I join groups?

Go to the search function and search for the relevant group. You now have the option to follow or unfollow groups. You can view the groups that you follow later under the “Edit groups” in the settings.

Can I delete messages?

No, the messages will be removed automatically after they no longer are relevant. However, you can still sort them in the Overview.

How do I choose what information I want to receive?

Under settings -> profile you can select the categories that you’d like to get information from. This way you’re in total control over what information you recieve on your device.

How do I favorite a message?

When a message is opened, click on the hollow star next to the message title.

My question isn't listed in the FAQ.

Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why is my phone number and email required when making a user?

The phone number is for SMS (Short Message Service) purposes and the email is for the Forgot Password function.

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